Cassovia Code on Workation 2024

Integrity, dare and business mindset. These three expressions best describe our company and the way we want to approach our clients and partners. The first joint Workation was also an ideal opportunity to present these values to the entire Cassovia Code team. Why Workation? Spending quality time together as a team while keeping our work […]

Discovery Phase: The Path to IT Project Success 

Discovery Phase Cover

You have a great idea and a vision of what your application should look like and how it could function. You are at a critical juncture – finding a technology partner who can bring your idea to life. Time is of the essence. You can’t afford to “waste” it on discussions and analyses. You decide […]

Introducing Magento: 7 Benefits of Open-Source That Will Help Scale Your E-Shop 

If you’re running an e-commerce site, you’re probably grappling with the challenge of growth and staying competitive. Key questions you might find yourself pondering include whether your current e-commerce platform is feature-rich enough, integrates well with other systems, or can smoothly handle high transaction volumes. If you’re uncertain about any of these aspects, it might […]

Exploring the Future of Software Development at the UNLOCKING AI Meetup

AI meetup

79% of corporate strategists believe that the ability to work with artificial intelligence is a prerequisite for a company’s future growth (Gartner, 2023). Nowadays, success with AI is not merely about selecting the right tools but also about scaling them to meet one’s specific needs, developing new competencies, exercising caution, and establishing appropriate guidelines. This […]

6 Top AI Tools for SAP Consultants and Beyond

AI tools

Did you know new AI tools emerge every 20 minutes? The pace of development is staggering. There’s even a place called AI Graveyard with a comprehensive list of unsupported, dead tools. AI tools have become indispensable across various fields, including software development, design, marketing, and project management. As an SAP consultant, I’ve explored tools beneficial […]

5 Tips to Prepare Your E-Shop for BF/CM, Christmas Sales, and New Year’s Discounts

E-shop tips

As the holiday season approaches with its pre-Christmas discounts and sales, Slovak consumers are eagerly anticipating the peak of the shopping frenzy. A significant uptick in online activity is on the horizon. So, the real question is: Is your e-shop all set for the peak season? What extra measures can you take to guarantee your […]

Business Trip in London or How to Make the Most of Networking at International Events 

Alpha Wolves London Party

In 2022, London became the second-best city for technological innovation, right after Silicon Valley and New York. As the only European city, London made it to the top ten of global startup ecosystems (Startup Genome, 2022). That’s why our first foreign trip this year was headed to the mecca of business, innovation, and creativity. You can […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Ecommerce Platform for B2B Sales

SAP Commerce Business Development Manager

The pandemic has taught us the value of online purchasing, and this applies not only to e-shops and individual customers but also to professional buyers. Recent surveys have shown that the volume of purchases made by professional buyers increased by an average of 45% last year in the B2B segment. It’s clear that B2B digital […]

We Are Excited to Announce a New Partnership with Contentful! 

The goal of the new collaboration will be to help brands provide their customers with even better digital experiences. In the article, you will find out what this means in practice and why Contentful is more than a web-based CMS. Content differentiates your company’s website from its competitors, giving potential customers an image of your […]