The crisis in the world and the functioning of the Cassovia Code company during this period

Icon: author of the article Monika Hudová
Icon: article date 24 November 2020
Icon: article category News
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Under the leadership of Ján Berežný in the sales department and production director Štefan Nitkululinec, despite the problems of these days and the subsequent economic crisis, we have achieved many successes while maintaining the growth and progress of Cassovia Code company.

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Thanks to the results of our e-commerce implementation team, we together, with the client SIKO bathrooms a.s. concluded a cooperation agreement for the next period. Developers of Cassovia Code successfully continue on implementation of B2B solutions using SAP Commerce technology. SAP Hybris, or SAP Commerce, is a trading support platform that aims to enhance business as well as sales results. Through multi-channel processes, it can provide customers with the best possible service that is tailored to their requirements and needs, which they are currently addressing.

Despite the problems that affect us all, the sales department has opened cooperation with one of the largest startups in the Czech Republic, the company Carvago s.r.o., where we implement client requirements using PHP Symphony technology within the back-end and React Native within the front-end. The Adega company, operating in the field of logistics, whose ideas we implement using Kotlin, Java, and SQLite technologies, also decided to use our services. In a difficult period, our sales department colleagues also successfully concluded a cooperation agreement with the innovative company Forhit, where we use React Native technology to develop an application for iOS and Android tailored to the customer's needs.

In terms of personnel, the Cassovia Code team has expanded - to include new members in sales, marketing, and, of course, development positions.
You can find the Cassovia Code sales team for the Czech Republic in the new offices in the Dancing House at Jiráskovo nám. 1981/6 New Town, Prague.

In these uncertain times, we keep our fingers crossed for you all to survive in good health, with new business opportunities and collaborations.