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So far, we have released four games and our rich experience is now available to you. We create not only PC and console games, but also online and mobile games, which are gaining an increasing share of the global market. It is not only our job, but also our lifelong hobby that we do with passion. We focus attention on a high degree of interactivity and creative thinking; we work with top artists in the field of game design, graphics and music. Fun experience is always our primary goal, whether it’s a 2D or 3D game, or a virtual / augmented reality game. What matters is to create a fun and enjoyable game.

Welcome to the world of Feast of Argonauts

Strategy game played directly in your browser

Feast of Argonauts is an online free to play strategy game that you can play in your web browser. The game features not only camp building, but also mining resources, ancient occult forces and combat with heavy metal machines. The development of the first version took 15 months and the game’s release is planned for 2020.

Welcome to the world of Feast of Argonauts
Testimonial Martin Baranovič

I entrusted Cassovia with my mobile game Slovný Duel, which is actively played by tens of thousands of players primarily from the Czech and Slovak markets, to take over its subsequent development and further advance the game. After the initial consultations, I saw that they are experts in the field and they know what they are doing. I'm excited to see how they will push the game forward.

Martin Baranovič Creator of Slovný duel application