What will 2023 be like for Cassovia Code?

16. January 2023

By: ccadm1n

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The start of the year is all about resolutions but also new beginnings, plans, and visions. We at Cassovia Code enter 2023 full of strength and determination. Before completely diving into new challenges, it’s worth looking back on last year’s game-changing moments.

About what moved us and what awaits and will not miss us in the coming year, with members of the creative center Cassovia Code…

Jano, CEO Cassovia Code

We have reached a position where we are not just some local startup of ten people but can also compete with established IT companies.

It is thanks to the conditions we can provide to current and future colleagues and the corporate culture and full focus that we dedicate to projects and customers.

Companies in Slovakia will have a challenging year. Still, we see the crisis as an opportunity to strengthen relationships with current clients and take advantage of market gaps and establish new business partnerships.

Števo, CTO Cassovia Code

The year 2022 was full of exciting challenges that we managed to tackle. We replaced online meetings with personal sessions in the office, welcomed new talents, and launched new collaborations.

The company’s constant growth is essential, and I am glad that we are managing it well, which also pushes each of us forward. In addition, expanding long-term projects is also a guarantee of stability and gives us direction in terms of business. 

Paľo, Sales Director 

Our current ambition is to grow beyond local, which we have been able to do mainly with our western neighbors.

Specializing in solutions such as SAP Commerce or Bloomreach products, and thanks to the quality of provided services, we are flexible and able to compete with foreign IT companies being a relevant technological partner for start-ups.

But the expansion is only possible with skilled people who have the opportunity to showcase themselves and come up with their ideas and improvements. 

Ika, People & Culture Manager 

Our company grows, so do the demands for managing people and ensuring working conditions that suit people at different stages of life.

Therefore, the priority for 2023 will be to work on employee experience from the very first moment a person comes into contact with our brand. Every interaction with the company is crucial and should lead to increased satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. 

This year will be about the corporate culture that unites us, the technologies that help us grow, and the space that will continue to inspire us. 

Táňa, HR Manager 

Last year tested our ability to respond flexibly to changing market conditions in HR. To react quickly to client demands and attract top talent, we count on a strategic approach – constantly monitoring the job market, networking, and increasing our contacts database. 

In addition, it is vital for me that every future team member gets a clear picture of the corporate culture at their first meeting, in which they will also participate. Thanks to great people and working hand in hand with business and marketing, we will continue to expand our team. 

Maja, Marketing Director 

From my point of view, the key moment of 2022 is the foundation of the creative center. Its primary role is to connect different departments. Creative center is a place where every idea gets feedback and accurate contours. 

The Cassovia Code team has many inspiring people with great ideas. In 2023, our fans can look forward to new content in the form of articles, interviews, and new formats, through which they will have the opportunity to take a look directly into our “kitchen.” We want to discuss corporate culture, business, trends, and individual stories. It is definitely something to look forward to. 

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