Our cooperations


.NET core 3, Vue.js

Project Lenght:

More than 2 years

Team size:


At the beginning of the cooperation

we helped streamline the operation of their operations with the help of digitization in all four countries (Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland). We helped create a set of modern applications that will make the process of selling / buying a vehicle more efficient and faster.

Thanks to our application

the end client’s interface is connected to the seller’s interface. The functionality of the application can be compared to an e-commerce solution that provides complex calculations into a simple and clear application. It is ready to handle a large influx of demands and transactions, and its efficiency can speed up the processing process up to six times.

The application provides

integration with banking and non-banking companies, such as Home Credit, Moneta, sAutoleasing and others. This integration allows for a quick calculation of insurance and interest rates. Given the above, the security of communication with the help of an integration platform is paramount for us.

A team of six development specialists

is involved in the development. We work on the principles of SCRUM and regular two-week sprints, which are the key to effective results. Thanks to the efficient work of the team, which takes place on the principle of agile development, we provide first-class services with a high standard of quality.