Our Mission

We constantly thrive on delivering outstanding software solutions to our clients.

Our Services

Everything covered in-house!

Digital Consulting

Expert advice and guidance to businesses seeking to improve their online presence and performance, customer engagement, digital health, and overall digital strategy.

Team Extensions

Scale your development capabilities through our IT outsourcing services. Our solutions ensure effortless scalability and smooth integration, offering access to top-tier tech talent with a cost-effective approach.

Ecommerce Projects

We help businesses to achieve their goals and KPIs, covering everything from platform and tech selection to interface design and marketing analytics integration.

Custom-built Software

Web & mobile applications, enterprise software, replatforming, migrations, and integrations with third-party systems tailored to the specific needs of clients or businesses.

Technology Audit

We pinpoint performance bottlenecks in your systems, identify areas for improvement, and provide detailed proposals on implementing industry best practices, ensuring your technology operates at peak efficiency now and is ready for future growth.

Tech Partner for Startups

Get your startup to the next level! As your tech partner or an extension to your team, we will transform your idea into a real digital solution, and drive you through the discovery and development stages.


We have partnered up with top players in ecommerce to ensure the highest standards for our clients.

Focus on Customer

Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. We make sure our teams are committed to helping clients achieve their objectives.

Transparent Communication

We are committed to your success and will take the time to listen and discuss what you appreciate and how our partnership can improve.

Agile Working

We understand that only genuine cooperation will result in working software satisfying your needs. We use agile – clear deliverables, short 2-week sprints, and visible work progress.

Extensive Experience

For 10 years, we have gained experience that moved us from a game studio to a member of international projects.

Fair Pricing

We can help to build your digital product to fit your specific needs, respecting your cash flow and financial planning.

How We Work

We’re devoted to actively listening, gathering input from our partners, and continuously improving.

What can we help you with?