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Building a B2B Ecommerce Solution | SAP Commerce Cloud

The long-term transformation process included architecture design, development, and deployment of a new ecommerce platform for the B2B segment. The project continues with the migration from on-premise to the cloud, deploying a modern storefront, and complete integration of SAP Commerce with SAP ERP and CRM systems.

Internal FinTech Application for Car Purchase Financing | Custom Development

We brought the client’s vision to life with a native application that enables dealers to complete the car sales process directly at the dealership, even when customers choose to finance their purchase through leasing.

Analysis and Deployment of Storefront with Decoupled Architecture | SAP Spartacus

Consultations and analyses preceded the selection of SAP Spartacus technology for the new storefront, which ultimately led to an improvement in website performance. By utilizing acquired data and analyzing the customer journey, we improved UI/UX and created more intuitive navigation for both B2B and B2C clients.

Development of a SMART App for Performing Car Inspections | Mobile Application

As part of an international team covering the technological development of the startup Carvago, we helped bring to life a revolutionary concept that saves time for mechanics, streamlines the car purchasing process, reduces bureaucracy, and securely stores data consistently.

Modernization of the Website | Webjet CMS

The project focused on modernizing the website to align with the client’s new visual identity. Our goal was to design an efficient web architecture and adapt it to a mobile-first approach, ensuring that key content is easily accessible to visitors with just one click.
bloomreach discovery

Custom Implementation of Bloomreach Discovery

The project involves the complete preparation and implementation of the Discovery product on the subpage documentation.bloomreach.com. It includes the enhancement of the search engine with AI functionality, which increased interactivity and user experience.
Recent Projects
Other Collaborations
Mobile app development, allowing employees to easily scan tool QR codes
Game design and development: taking a successful slovak mobile game to the next level
WooCommerce plugin development, allowing generation and management of vouchers
Java-based application developed to automate and synchronize both online and offline processes
Designing and developing a web application for managing real estate offers
Reservation system for managing destinations, dates, offers and prices allowing synchronization with travel agencies
Development of custom picture configurator
Custom configurator allowing the selection of products based on multiple criteria, linked to the ordering system