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bloomreach discovery

About the Technology

Bloomreach Discovery

Bloomreach Discovery is an advanced search and navigation tool designed for e-commerce platforms that enhances the efficiency and relevance of search results for customers. This tool is engineered to deliver personalized and accurate search results, leading to a better shopping experience and increased conversions.

Bloomreach Discovery is thus a comprehensive solution for e-commerce companies looking to enhance their competitiveness and provide their customers with the best possible shopping experience.


  • Uses AI and ML to provide personalized search results tailored to user preferences and behaviour.
  • Increases the relevance of results and reduces the number of unsuccessful searches.
  • Offers detailed search analytics, enabling merchants to better understand customer behaviour and optimize content and products to boost conversions.
  • Provides greater control over search results, allowing key products and categories to be promoted.
  • Supports high search volumes and can adapt to a growing number of users and products.
  • Supports multilingual search, ideal for global e-commerce platforms.
bloomreach discovery

About the Project

In response to the growing market demand for intelligent and personalized search in e-commerce, Bloomreach officially launched the Bloomreach Discovery product in 2020.

We collaborated with the client’s design and marketing team, taking charge of the complete preparation and implementation of the Discovery product on the subpage


The client wanted better control over search results on one of their sites and to promote their search tool. The requirement was to replace the original Algolia search engine on, which was part of the Readme CMS, with their own product – Bloomreach Discovery.


1. Analytical Phase

We thoroughly familiarized ourselves with the client’s requirements. Together, we organized a workshop to discuss the current state, problems, and expectations. Based on this information, we proceeded with a detailed analysis and project estimation to ensure a realistic time and financial framework.

2. Backend Preparation

We prepared the necessary backend infrastructure for the implementation of Bloomreach Discovery. This included integrating the new search engine with the client’s existing databases and systems.

3. Frontend Preparation

Based on the client’s design requirements, we prepared the frontend solution. Our goal was to ensure that the new search engine not only looked good but also provided an intuitive and efficient user interface.

4. Search Engine Enhancement with AI Functionality

We implemented the advanced Owlbot AI feature. This tool from, powered by OpenAI, allows users to ask questions about Bloomreach products directly within the search engine, increasing interactivity and user experience.

5. Integration with Zendesk customer service solution

By integrating with Zendesk, we have enabled visitors to search for content on the Help Desk portal as well.


bloomreach discovery
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