Technology: .NET, Vue.js
Project length: 6+ months and ongoing


AAA Auto approached us to become their partner in streamlining their services through digitization on all 4 countries on which they operate. The goal of this collaboration is to create a set of intuitive applications that will make the whole process faster and more transparent.

Process automation

The application links the client’s and operator’s interface, its functionality and purpose can be compared to an individual e-commerce solution that translates complex computing processes into a simple and user-friendly application. The application is capable of handling a huge number of queries and transactions, it can also accelerate the processing of business occurrences up to six times, which really speeds up and simplifies the whole process. Thus, the era of paper records is a thing of the past, and today everything is in a simple and intuitive digital form.

Process automation

Advanced integrations

Advanced integrations

One of the key features of this project for AAA Auto has been the integration of the application with banks and leasing companies, such as Home Credit, sAutoleasing, Cofidis, Moneta and others. Among other things, this allows them to calculate insurance, premiums and interest rates.


months development of MVP version


member development team


week sprints


of deadlines met


Even due to the above, the security of the application's communication with the database via integration platform is of paramount importance to us. The application can be accessed only from the internal network and has to meet strict security protocols.


Effective teamwork

Effective teamwork

An integrated team of 6 members, collaboration, agility, regular sprint and scrum planning, are the key to effective results. On the principles of agile development and with effective remote teamwork, we achieve successful results with a high quality standard of our development team.


We work with Cassovia to digitize our company and we form a team of 15 people. The first application which started our cooperation is also a key application in the business process of our company, which not only simplifies and makes work easier for employees, but on the other hand streamlines and presents our sales process more transparently. Cassovia was the only company to 100% meet all the deadlines, and also their commitment and approach has affirmed that we are not just another client, but they perceive us as a partner.

Innovation Director AAAAuto