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6 Top AI Tools for SAP Consultants and Beyond

27. February 2024

By: Maja Bosák Vasiľová

Reading time: 2:10 min


Did you know new AI tools emerge every 20 minutes? The pace of development is staggering. There’s even a place called AI Graveyard with a comprehensive list of unsupported, dead tools.

AI tools have become indispensable across various fields, including software development, design, marketing, and project management. As an SAP consultant, I’ve explored tools beneficial not only to SAP consultants but also to IT professionals broadly. Here are my top six picks to streamline your workflow.

Personal Assistant: ChatGPT

ChatGPT stands as an essential tool for professionals across disciplines, significantly easing daily tasks, including for SAP consultants. It’s particularly useful in the SAP community for identifying transaction names, tables, and programs, offering solutions to problems, summarizing SAP news and trends, and integrating information from diverse sources for educational purposes.

Some of my most used prompts include: 

  • Which transactions can I use for…
  • Create a WBS task plan for developing a new transaction…
  • What questions to ask during the Discovery phase of a project for SAP implementation?
  • Prepare a template for risk analysis within a software project…
  • Prepare me a project plan for SAP implementation over 6 months. The project includes procurement, sales, logistics, and inventory departments. Divide tasks into 2 levels.
  • What are the top three news from the SAP world over the last week?

AI Text Assistant: Quillbot and Grammarly

For anyone prioritizing text quality, AI text tools like  quillbot logo  and  grammarly logo, are invaluable. These tools enhance emails and documents with professional formatting and are available as desktop or web applications. They offer features like text style transformation, error correction, and tone evaluation, though currently limited to English, with more languages expected soon.

Meeting Minutes Assistant: Transkriptor

Transcribing meeting discussions into text can be daunting. transkriptor logo  simplifies this by automating meeting transcription using advanced speech recognition, enabling real-time meeting minutes creation. This enhances documentation efficiency and team collaboration. I’ve used Transkriptor for multilingual transcription in Slovak, English, and French, demonstrating its versatility.

Presentation Creation: Pitch

Creating presentations can be streamlined with AI assistants like  Pitch logo . This cloud-based platform uses generative AI to design professional presentations quickly based on simple descriptions. While it may not offer the detailed customization of PowerPoint, it facilitates real-time collaboration and comes with a free version, making professional presentation creation accessible to all.

Mind Mapping and Visualization: Mural

In today’s dynamic work environment, AI-powered tools like  mural logo are crucial for team collaboration. Mural provides a digital workspace for real-time visual collaboration, offering a virtual canvas for mapping ideas, organizing thoughts, and visually representing concepts. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features support brainstorming, design thinking workshops, and project planning.


From personal experience, AI tools have significantly increased work efficiency, impacting various life aspects from IT to medicine. It’s crucial to remember that user inputs are central to leveraging these tools effectively. Although adopting new technologies may seem daunting, they will inevitably become part of your daily toolkit.

Erik Slatina

The author, an SAP consultant at Cassovia Code, specializes in SAP implementations, guiding customers through digitalization and automation processes with a focus on business improvement.

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