Advanced technologies, combined with the skills of our team, helped to improve the Bloomreach website

3. March 2022

By: Mária Vasiľová

Reading time: 2:40 min


Bloomreach. An innovative international company that has undergone development, and nowadays, it belongs to the leaders in digital commerce, personalization, and artificial intelligence. Bloomreach offers three essential products – Engagement, Discovery, and Content, which help increase business processes efficiency. Products from Bloomreach allow brands, consumers, distributors, and various businesses or manufacturers to bring their products and services as close as possible to their customers through a modern digital platform. Within our cooperation with Bloomreach, we participated in redesigning the website, which is now more efficient, much clearer, modern and interactive.

Bloomreach produkty

Approach is a key to success

We were using an agile (SCRUM) approach during the whole collaboration. Agile is particularly suitable for software development and is often applied to complex projects. In addition, it counts on flexibility and interactivity, which we decided to use when creating a new website. The mentioned factors and the constant communication with the client allowed us to make ongoing corrections and detailed redesign of the website and ideas that can move Bloomreach to the forefront of website optimization. We intended to refresh the website by implementing animations on the home page and creating a unique visual story.

New, modern website enriched with interactive elements

The collaboration aimed to redesign the website, during which we wanted to preserve attributes such as functionality, clarity, and comprehensibility. These parameters are an integral part of a successful and accessible website. We took care of the UX/UI design because the better the UX/UI design, the more customers, interactions, and searches. We also wanted to ensure responsiveness on different types of devices.

When creating the UI design, we followed the design manual, which defined the website’s typography, color appearance, fonts, forms, paddings, etc. Based on the manual, our team prepared the styling of these elements and the fundamental components. By simply copying the latter, the preparation of templates became much easier, and at the same time, we avoided duplication of work. 

We designed the templates for desktop, mobile, and tablet versions and delivered them in Adobe XD. The biggest challenge was preparing animations according to the video template, displayed step-by-step to the user when scrolling through the website. To accomplish this task, our designer used the ScrollMagic or GSAP library. In the animation process, it was necessary to set the starting point of the animation and its length for individual scenes. Basically, by placing a slight pause, the user has to scroll the website for a while after the animation ends until he gets to the next section. This trick creates an impressive effect that pimps up the user experience.


Bloomreach redizajn


How did we get to the result?

The cooperation also included migrating the original content to the new, improved website built on a headless CMS system in the latest version of Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.7.3. Using a headless CMS, we separated the frontend and backend layers, allowing us to choose the frontend technology according to our preferences. Our smart frontend team used several modern technologies to streamline the website for potential clients  React and Next.js framework on SSR (Server Side Rendering), thanks to which our client can use the full potential of his new website. The next step in our cooperation with Bloomreach was the release of the German mutation.

Besides developing web solutions, our software company also focuses on building web applications and implementing digital products and customized software solutions. We rely on good relationships and prefer a professional and individual approach, thanks to which we can fulfill the needs and achieve the desired goals of our partners. 

Want to learn more about implementing Bloomreach products into your business? Or are you facing a challenge we can help you with? Contact us, and let’s talk.

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