AI meetup

Exploring the Future of Software Development at the UNLOCKING AI Meetup

10. March 2024

By: Mária Vasiľová

Reading time: 1:00 min


79% of corporate strategists believe that the ability to work with artificial intelligence is a prerequisite for a company’s future growth (Gartner, 2023). Nowadays, success with AI is not merely about selecting the right tools but also about scaling them to meet one’s specific needs, developing new competencies, exercising caution, and establishing appropriate guidelines.

This imperative holds true across all sectors and roles – whether you’re a CEO, a software developer, a marketing specialist, or a product designer. By the end of 2024, AI is expected to empower you to perform your tasks in a novel and more efficient manner.

AI-based tools are becoming increasingly customized to address developers’ unique requirements, allowing them to navigate new challenges more adeptly. Given these benefits, AI is rapidly becoming an essential element of modern software development, heralding new opportunities and shaping the future trajectory of this field.

Tomas Hrib from DimensionLab elucidated established methods for transforming an idea into a tangible software product using tools like ChatGPT 4, GitHub Copilot, or Perplexity.

Digital applications powered by AI are continually redefining the capabilities of software products, altering our lifestyle and work. Ranging from personal assistants to sophisticated analytical platforms, AI enables devices to learn from data, identify patterns, and undertake intricate tasks with minimal human oversight.

Stanislav Hrivňák of HireLogic disclosed his own best practices for end-to-end delivery, gleaned from extensive experience with LLM models.

Almost 100 people, mostly developers, turned up, showing just how much AI still matters to everyone. We’re really excited to see more folks getting involved in a space where we can all share what we know, learn from each other, and swap tips and tricks.

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