Cassovia Code on Workation 2024

21. June 2024

By: Maja Bosák Vasiľová

Reading time: 1:13 min


Integrity, dare and business mindset. These three expressions best describe our company and the way we want to approach our clients and partners. The first joint Workation was also an ideal opportunity to present these values to the entire Cassovia Code team.

Why Workation?

Spending quality time together as a team while keeping our work on track – that was our main goal when planning this year’s off-site teambuilding. The choice was clear: workation. A blend of work and vacation, it’s the perfect way to strengthen our team, boost collaboration, and recharge in a relaxing environment away from the office.

What it looked like at CC Workation 2024

Three days, just a few kilometers from the Slovak-Hungarian border, about twenty of us came together, ready to spend time beyond our usual work duties. We packed our laptops, chargers, board games, sports equipment, and everything else we needed to make the most of our workation.

Work vs. Fun

The challenge for the project managers of each team was to find the perfect balance between group work activities, fun, and individual work time. Here are some highlights from our workation:

  • All Stars Meeting: One of the key moments was the all-company meeting where we discussed our core values.
  • Sports activities: We enjoyed table tennis, basketball, frisbee, and even archery. Some of us discovered hidden talents!
  • PUB Quiz: We love games and competitions, so we were thrilled with the quiz organized by Ľuboš “Litchi” Ličko, our very own quizmaster.
  • Cooking together: Under the guidance of our COO, Martin, we cooked the best goulash and grilled all sorts of delicious food.

After a year, we once again had the chance to spend quality time together outside the office, blending fun with work, sparking creativity, and boosting collaboration. We strive to build a team that is courageous, business-savvy, and always does the right thing, even when no one is watching. This workation was the perfect opportunity to reinforce these values.

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